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Used Wooden Pallets

We carry a range of the most popular pallet types. Our Used Wooden Pallets stock is refurbished to a high standard and at lower cost than new pallets. In many cases reconditioned pallets are the most appropriate and cost effective choice. We can supply a t/l to large stocks of these.

We are always looking to collect unwanted used wooden pallets in GMA cores, Euro’s, CP’s anywhere in the US - Truckloads only.

Used Standard Wooden Pallets
48 x 40

The standard size pallet is 48 x 40 GMA pallet and is available in a number of pallet types and weight bearing capacities. Call us for what you need.

GMA Specs

Top and Bottom lead boards are 6”. The rest of the boards are 4” wide. All boards spaced evenly. Total of 7 top boards and 5 bottom boards. 3 Stringers / Runners notched meaning 4 way. Bottom boards are chamfered (so a pallet jack can run over them smoothly).

True Pallet Measurements

Wood that goes through a planer making the wood uniform. The measurements are less after gone through and Not true to what they say they are in Pallet language. When you see or hear Pallet specs they are usually Not written in the size of the planed measurements.

If the wood does Not go through a planer than the measurements are true, but not exactly the same size they may be off by about 1/8 inch which is called Mill Run Rough.

Planed 4” SW = the actual measurement is 3 ½“

Planed 6” SW = the actual measurement is 5 ½“

Planed 4” HW = the actual measurement is 3 Ύ“

Planed 6” HW = the actual measurement is 5 Ύ”

On Used Pallet specs they vary from East to West US and Canada so here is an overall average.

Club Store Pallet

This pallet has GMA board configuration. Hardwood. Lead boards top and bottom are 6" and rest boards are 4”. Blond and beautiful color wood. No wane (bark).

Standard Grade A (#1) Pallet

GMA board configuration - with the 6” leads top and bottom. The rest of the deck boards are 4” wide on the top and bottom. Stringers may be repaired with metal plates (most companies do Not want more than 2 plates per stack or none at all).

The wood color is blonder and nicer looking than the Grade B (#2) Pallet. Good for racking (some companies will only rack when they have no plates) and for Export after being Heat Treated.

Pallet made be with Hardwood or Softwood. If a company says they are HW it is impossible for them to be 100% HW as they have been repair before them. (Some Pallet Companies might suggest they are 80 – 85% HW as they themselves would have repaired all with HW but some Pallet Company before them may have repaired with SW).

Grade B (#2) Pallet

Spacing of boards may not be less than 3 ½” wide (width of your hand). The lead boards do not have to be 6’’ leads. Some portion of an original stringer is either cracked or missing and a reinforcing piece of wood, called a sister stringer or repair block or plugs, has been added to the original stinger. This makes for a solid structural repair that spans the notch on the original stringer.

Wood may be SW or HW. These pallets are our most economical pallet and mainly used in Export after being Heat Treated.

(Some companies only put one stringer repair per pallet and some put 2 – 3 plugs for stringer repair. Some companies call the 2-3 stringer repair pallets a grade C (#3) Pallet. Some companies make sure that the stringer length is the same length as the stringer that needs repair – example a GMA pallet plug would be 48”. Some companies never rack Grade B (#2) pallets.)


Other Sizes Of Used Wood Pallets

We carry a choice of general size pallets for most applications, ready for immediate dispatch.

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