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Used Plastic Pallets

We have available a selection of quality Used Plastic Pallets suitable for many industries.  Used Plastic Pallets are cost effective and of good quality suitable for most industries. Ranging from light weight nestables, through to heavy weight stackables and also suitable for racking. These can be supplied as a cost effective option to new.

We also purchase Used Plastic Pallets and can collect in minimum quantities of 100 providing they are of similar construction and in good condition anywhere in the US.

Used Plastic Pallets do not require any paperwork for exporting to other countries as they are ISPM15 exempt.     


Used Nestable Plastic Pallets

Our lightweight plastic pallets can be stacked one into the other to save space. They have a high load-bearing capacity, despite their low empty weight. Suitable for worldwide export.

Nestable (with 9 feet)

Dimensions, Weight and Approx Load Capacity:
Ranges according to manufacturer   


Used Stackable Plastic Pallets

These are a great pallet used within warehouses or when transporting goods. They have a bottom, so can be stacked one on top of one another.

A perimeter base used plastic pallet, very popular in most industries. Weight varies. Suitable usually for medium loads. They come with 9 blocks with a full picture frame bottom and a cruciform (cross) or 3 runners (bottom boards).

Stackable smooth bottom
Maximum Capacity: varies

Dimensions, Weight, Approx Load Capacity: varies


Used Rackable Plastic Pallets


A 9 block pallet with a picture frame bottom or solid bottom (reversible pallet) with or without rods

Heavy weight perimeter base (picture frame design) or with runners suitable for heavy loads including the construction industry. Used in full circle or in warehouses for an in house pallet, great for racking.

Maximum Capacity: varies

Dimensions, Weight, Approx Load Capacity: varies

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