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Export Pallets


Export pallets are pallets that companies used to ship in and out of the country. They have to be ISPM15 which means your pallets can go across the borders legally. The pallets are then heat treated pallets or are a non pours pallets like Plastic or Styrofoam or Presswood Pallet.

For heat treated pallets the pallets are heated at a certain temperature and given a stamp on each pallets and paperwork is provided with a cost from companies. The stamp that has a registered number on it and paperwork that you pallets have been heat treated properly. The number is traced to this company showing the borders who did your stamping of each pallet. This shows the borders that your pallets have been prepared with authorized companies with the stamp on each pallet proving this.

If you do not have this stamp and paperwork, your pallets may be held at the border until you get the proper stamp and paperwork. The stamp lasts about a month and then you will have to get another stamp after that date. This time factor has changed in the past so please look this up, one site you can look this up at is

When you use non-pours pallets they are ISPM15 exempt. They can go back and forth across the borders with ease. You do Not have to have the stamp or paperwork; this again is Plastic, Styrofoam and Presswood pallets. They allow this as bugs cannot lay eggs into the pallets.


Here are types of pallets companies use for export pallets:

Used Wooden Pallets

We carry a range of the most popular pallet types. Our Used Wooden Pallets stock is refurbished to a high standard and at lower cost than new pallets. In many cases reconditioned pallets are the most appropriate and cost effective choice. We can supply a t/l to large stocks of these.

Used Standard Wooden Pallets
48 x 40

The standard size pallet is 48 x 40 GMA pallet and is available in a number of pallet types and weight bearing capacities. Call us for what you need.

GMA Specs

Top and Bottom lead boards are 6. The rest of the boards are 4 wide. All boards spaced evenly. Total of 7 top boards and 5 bottom boards. 3 Stringers / Runners notched meaning 4 way. Bottom boards are chamfered (so a pallet jack can run over them smoothly).

Standard Grade A (#1) Pallet

GMA board configuration - with the 6 leads top and bottom. The rest of the deck boards are 4 wide on the top and bottom. Stringers may be repaired with metal plates (most companies do Not want more than 2 plates per stack or none at all).

The wood color is blonder and nicer looking than the Grade B (#2) Pallet. Good for racking (some companies will only rack when they have no plates) and for Export after being Heat Treated.

Pallet made be with Hardwood or Softwood. If a company says they are HW it is impossible for them to be 100% HW as they have been repair before them. (Some Pallet Companies might suggest they are 80 85% HW as they themselves would have repaired all with HW but some Pallet Company before them may have repaired with SW).

Grade B (#2) Pallet

Spacing of boards may not be less than 3 wide (width of your hand). The lead boards do not have to be 6 leads. Some portion of an original stringer is either cracked or missing and a reinforcing piece of wood, called a sister stringer or repair block or plugs, has been added to the original stinger. This makes for a solid structural repair that spans the notch on the original stringer.

Wood may be SW or HW. These pallets are our most economical pallet and mainly used in Export after being Heat Treated.

(Some companies only put one stringer repair per pallet and some put 2 3 plugs for stringer repair. Some companies call the 2-3 stringer repair pallets a grade C (#3) Pallet. Some companies make sure that the stringer length is the same length as the stringer that needs repair example a GMA pallet plug would be 48. Some companies never rack Grade B (#2) pallets.)


Standard Wood Euro Pallets
800 x 1200 mm (31.50" x 47.24")

Euro standard pallets are the most popular pallets in Europe. They are also used widely in the UK and other countries. We also carry the Wood Lids (Caps).

Sometimes we also carry: Euro Pallets 1000 x 1200 mm

Euro Pallet Specs in mm

We also carry Wood Lids (Caps)


Presswood Pallets
New or Used


We carry a variety of sizes of New Presswood Pallets and 48 x 40 Used Presswoods.

Presswood pallets do not require any paperwork for exporting to other countries as they are ISPM15 exempt.

Minimum orders are truckload quantities.


Top View of a Presswood Pallet


Used Plastic Pallets

We have available a selection of quality Used Plastic Pallets suitable for many industries.  Used Plastic Pallets are cost effective and of good quality suitable for most industries. Ranging from light weight nestables, through to heavy weight stackables and also suitable for racking. These can be supplied as a cost effective option to new.

Used Plastic Pallets do not require any paperwork for exporting to other countries as they are ISPM15 exempt.     


Used Nestable Plastic Pallets

Our lightweight plastic pallets can be stacked one into the other to save space. They have a high load-bearing capacity, despite their low empty weight. Suitable for worldwide export.

Nestable (with 9 feet)

Dimensions, Weight and Approx Load Capacity:
Ranges according to manufacturer   


Used Stackable Plastic Pallets

These are a great pallet used within warehouses or when transporting goods. They have a bottom, so can be stacked one on top of one another.

A perimeter base used plastic pallet, very popular in most industries. Weight varies. Suitable usually for medium loads. They come with 9 blocks with a full picture frame bottom and a cruciform (cross) or 3 runners (bottom boards).

Stackable smooth bottom
Maximum Capacity: varies

Dimensions, Weight, Approx Load Capacity: varies


Used Styrofoam Pallets

We sometimes carry Used 48 x 40 Styrofoam Pallets. Call us to see if we have any available. 1-888-660-0601.

Styrofoam Pallets do not require any paperwork for exporting to other countries as they are ISPM15 exempt.


Plastic Containers
New and Used

Our products are a very high standard.  All containers are in working condition. 

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